...It was truly like a contemporary Golgotha many times over.


    Maragha. The name would hardly tell you anything although you ve had the chance of hearing the name "Nagorno Karabakh" recurrently since 1988. Maragha was one of the largest villages of Nagorno Karabakh. It WAS because on April 10, 1992, the Azeri' "omon" forces invaded the village and set it ablaze, burning, & torturing it s peaceful population, some of whom were taken hostage never to be returned again! While those who survived left behind their belongings and spread throughout the world. Today, Maragha still remains under Azeri control. This Project, presented to you, is an attempt to show the real history of Maragha, hoping that with our unified struggle we would never let such tragedies take place ever again.

Narine Aghabalyan           

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